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Here at Novoferm, we’re privileged to boast the status of being Europe’s largest system supplier of products which include garage doors, doors, frames, and operators. Our team of more than 3,000 employees serve the private, trade and industrial sectors, providing impeccable service at highly competitive rates. For more than 60 years, our manufacturing base in Europe has supplied customers across the globe.

Since 1955, our policy for delivering quality over quantity has remained firmly ingrained at the heart of our company. We feel that our customers shouldn’t have to pay extortionate fees for quality, safety, comfort, and aesthetics. These are features which should come as standard, and this is an attitude that sets Novoferm apart from many of our competitors. As well as providing exceptional service, we also offer long-term guarantees on our products.

At Novoferm, we understand that countries all have different requirements. This is something that we take into account ensuring that our products meet national standards and test regulations. All our products are fabricated in an eco-friendly manner and in full accordance with ISO 9001. We use the very latest techniques, ensuring outstanding results. 

In October 2003, Novoferm became a part of the Japanese Sanwa Holdings Group.

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Industrial Doors

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Nov 2021 ❘ Company News


Our Financial Controller

Nick’s Novoferm journey started around ten years ago, and a decade on, Nick has not looked back. As both Nick’s career and the business have come on in leaps and bounds, Nick’s passion for the products and company has only grown.

He remarked that the thing he enjoyed most was “Working for a company who truly values its employees and thrives to become the supplier of choice is rewarding.”

“Over the years, I have been valued and respected, making it an inspiring company to work for”, he continued. Nick’s passion and desire to be a part of the long-term strategy has, in turn, helped the company achieve great success, overcoming challenges to be the supplier of choice.

But what inspired Nick along the way?



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Novoferm takes over French Manugestion Group

Nov 2021 ❘ Company News

Novoferm takes over French Manugestion Group
Rees, 2 November 2021. With the takeover of the Manugestion Group, Novoferm, one of the leading European system suppliers of door and docking solutions, is resolutely continuing to strengthen its position on the French market.

Within the Manugestion Group, Manuregion is a company established on the market which specialises in the installation, maintenance and repair of industrial doors and docking systems.

The business was founded in 1989, has 120 employees at seven sites in the north-east of France and generates an annual turnover of 25 million euros.

For Novoferm, the acquisition is an important step in the continuing expansion of the activities of the Novoferm Group across Europe. Manuregion has steadily grown in recent years as a result of its customer-focused range of services and has acquired a strong position in its catchment area.

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Oct 2021 ❘ Company News



Our Transport Manager

Sean joined the Novoferm team as a Transport Manager after working in the garage door industry for over 20 years. After receiving his City and Guilds in HGV mechanics, Sean started work at Cardale as a door builder, working up a solid knowledge of the skills and processes involved.

He went from building and framing the doors to running the double door section, eventually finding himself in Luton, where he moved into the transport sector as a driver.  



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If you’re looking for one of the leading system suppliers of high-quality doors, industrial doors, garage doors, frames and operators, look no further than the Novoferm Group. Leaders throughout Europe, what we offer our clients is an unrivalled selection of products at highly affordable prices. All our products are suitable for the private, trade, and industrial sectors.

With each passing year, the safety, comfort, and functional requirements for doors are becoming ever-more demanding. More and more clients are moving away from outdated manually-operated doors, which are regarded as being far less efficient. At Novoferm, we provide a new generation of automatic doors for both new-build projects and refurbishments.

When talking about house doors, it’s important to remember that these must be secure while aesthetically pleasing. They must also be functional, allowing for a smooth transition between the different areas of the home. Homeowners expect choice, and that’s precisely what we at Novoferm aim to deliver. We provide a broad selection of options that incorporate intrusion protection, smoke and fire resistance, and sound insulation.

These doors don’t just work wonders; they also look amazing!