Meet Our Account Capacity Planner- Kieran Murphy

Kieran joined the team at Novoferm UK as an engineering apprentice in 2017. Working with the company while also studying at college, Kieran worked in every department within production. Moving around the company and seeing all the different areas of the production process allowed him to build invaluable knowledge of how the products are manufactured. This knowledge has stayed with Kieran and contributed to his successful role with the company today.

After finishing his college course in 2019, Kieran then moved into the planning department, where his understanding of the production process has been extremely useful. His knowledge concerning our manufacturing approach has allowed him to be more proficient in his role and to make greater contributions to the planning team. The experience Kieran gained was only made possible through his initial apprenticeship role with the company, which prepared him for his new position.

Now, Kieran is responsible for the planning of all UK manufactured steel doors, a challenging yet immensely rewarding role. With the help and support of the management team and his colleagues, Kieran is continuing to improve, learning new ways in which to better operations. We’re proud to have Kieran as a proud graduate of our apprenticeship scheme and another example of a young worker thriving in the exciting environment at Novoferm.