Feuer- und Rauchschutzabschlüsse
Feuer- und Rauchschutzabschlüsse

Personnel Doors

For large, heavily used corridors, our exterior personnel doors will provide the perfect solution. Your employees will be able to easily navigate the worksite and you won’t have to worry about energy loss. Traditional exterior doors simply won’t be able to match what our range brings to the table.

Our personnel doors are hard-wearing, durable, and able to easily cope with high volumes of traffic, day in and day out. We take a made-to-measure approach, which means that every door is manufactured to exactly match your layout.

The NovoSpeed range from Novoferm will easily withstand adverse weather conditions and constant use without faltering. These personnel solutions can be used in just about all market sectors and our standard range offers a suitable option for the majority of situations.


Based on your unique requirements and your team’s input, we can also engineer and supply custom made personnel doors to satisfy any special requirements that you may have. For example, some sectors require varying draught excluding solutions.