Garagen-Sektionaltor in weiß
Garagen-Sektionaltor mit Nebentür
Garagen-Sektionaltor in stahlblau
Garagen-Sektionaltor mit ansichtsgleicher Nebentür und Fenster in taubenblau
Garagen-Sektionaltor in graualuminium
Garagen-Sektionaltor in satin grey

Sectional Garage Doors


If you’re asking yourself whether or not a sectional garage door is a worthwhile investment, it’s worth noting the convenience that these doors offer. In addition to this, these doors also boast secure properties that make them an outstanding choice for the security-conscious. They are also designed with space management in mind.

Each door is comprised of individual sections which are, in turn, connected by hinges. This ingenious design means that these doors can be rolled up or down neatly folding the door into the ceiling rather than having the door sticking out. Because of the way in which it folds up, it is a great space-saving option. This is great news if you’re planning on parking a second vehicle out front.

Such doors are also worth considering for situations where a garage is situated directly in front of a public footpath. The door can be open without presenting a potential hazard to passers-by. If you own a vehicle with a large height clearance, such as a van, these doors will make it far easier to drive in and out of the garage. All these doors are manufactured using high-quality materials along with additional fittings.

Our manufacturing process is all about strict quality management, so you can expect the final product to exceed your expectations.  


If you’d like to see for yourself how sectional garage doors actually work, check out the video to the left or click on our Novoferm YouTube channel -


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Premium Plus sectional garage door iso 70 with 67 mm insulation

Premium Plus sectional garage door iso 70 with 67 mm insulation