ISO20 Sectional Doors (Steel Sectional Garage Doors)

If you are searching for doors that come in a wide assortment of patterns and colours, look no further than the ISO20 sectional doors – brought to you by Novoferm. Not only are these doors energy-efficient and designed to be durable and easy-to-use, but they are affordably priced too.

high quality sectional garage door

Suitable for Private Garages Measuring Up To 3000mm in Width

Carries a Warranty of Up To Ten Years (Made in Germany)

High-Quality – Smooth, Stable Operation

Double-Skinned Galvanised Steel Sections

STS 202 BRI Burglar Resistance (excluding optional extras)

Anti-Pinch Protection (Inside and Outside) – keeps fingers safe

Available in Two Surface Finishes, 11 Top-Coated Options, and an Array of Affordable Colours

Also Available in Traffic White


When it comes to thermal and acoustic insulating performance, our Novoferm ISO20 sectional doors are market-leading performers. The secret lies in the construction of the doors, which is a method that is exclusive to Novoferm. We’ve adopted a double-skinned sandwich approach to how we fabricate these doors. This construction allows for the insertion of a 20mm insulating rigid PUR foam core (heat insulation value K = 1.0 W/m²K).

The result is improved heat insulation, acoustic dampening, and quieter door operation when compared to single-skinned variants. At low temperatures, it’s possible for the sections of a door to not fit as closely as they should, especially if sub-standard seals are used. This can allow warm air to bleed out, lowering the temperature of the room. Our doors are equipped with flexible lip seals to prevent heat from escaping, and to keep out dust.

Wide range of models and equipment

Garage door patterns for single garages
horizontal rib door

Horizontal rib

Illustration features door size
2500 x 2125 mm Other garage door sizes can deviate from the illustration shown.

garage door with large rib

Large rib

Microline Patterns

Available in satin white and satin grey, our Microline (flush) pattern finishes are a popular choice. Perfect for our ISO45 sectional doors, this exclusive option provides a profiled wave texture that looks modern and offers a striking light and shade effect.

sectional garage door close up


Door leaf

Inside door leaf:

Polyester-based prime coat, grey white, similar to RAL 9002

Outside door leaf (standard):

Traffic white, similar to RAL 9016 (prime coated)

Outside door leaf:

Super Color or RAL of your choice at additional cost (top coated)



The beauty of our ISO20 sectional doors is that they come equipped with multiple safety tension spring assemblies. Located at the upper end of the assemblies are parts which can be adjusted to modify the springs, if necessary. With the vertical tension springs, one lower installation depth can be achieved, creating new possibilities for situations where space is limited.

Sectional garage doors with 20 mm insulation made by Novoferm are standard supplied with a vertical tension spring system.

1. Interference-protected deflection pulley
The steel cables run vertically into the angular frame on interference-protected deflection pulleys mounted on ball bearings with U-shaped roller holders. This reduces the height requirement compared to a front-mounted torsion spring.

2. New cable mount
Together with the new steel cable holder, the newly designed cable mount with integrated door guide keeps the steel cables running smoothly in the angular frame without them touching the sections.

3. Integrated belt fastening
The newly designed moulded end piece contains an integrated fastener for the NovoPort® belt. The maintenance-free belt is fastened securely in the holder.

4. Multiple tension spring assemblies
The tension spring garage doors are equipped with sturdy multiple tension spring assemblies. The springs are adjusted at the top end of the assembly. The vertical tension springs require less installation depth and open up new possibilities when space is confined.

5. NovoPort® - unique & flexible
The NovoPort® operator system not only offers maximum convenience during operation, but also during installation. After all, the motor is not fixed to the ceiling like conventional operators, but simply integrated into the side garage door track – either on the left or the right depending on the structural conditions. Therefore no ceiling assembly is required.

6. Anti-pinch inside and out
The special design of the sections and hinges prevents pinching on the door leaf from the outset. Pinching is not a risk on the inside of Novoferm doors either.

7. Interference protection and cables channelled down the inside
The angular frames make it almost impossible to reach between the door leaf and the frame. Suspension cables arranged inside minimize the risk of injury and guarantee maximum operational reliability.

The advantages at a glance

  • Easy to install; low installation height
  • The spring is easy to adjust
  • The horizontal tracks are shorter (require less space)
  • NovoPort® is easy and fast to install
  • Lower standard headroom requirement
  • Added to which, the vertical tension spring system on iso 45 sectional garage doors is cheaper than the torsion spring version


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premium sectional garage doors made by Novoferm!

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