Rapid roll doors for outdoor use

Doors to the outside should be kept open for as little time as possible. A conventional exterior door opens and closes relatively slowly, resulting in unnecessary energy loss. This energy loss can be minimized by installing a particularly rapid roller shutter. Conventional exterior doors are opened in the morning and closed at night. The rapid roll door affords and blocks access throughout the working day. The high speed at which it opens and closes stops air flow, thus minimizing energy loss. NovoSpeed exterior industrial doors were developed to withstand the harshest conditions.

Folding door NovoFold

reliable folding door for the outer facade

The NovoFold is a reliable folding door for the outer facade:
Proven technology guarantees years of troublefree operation. All components are well-engineered and very robust, in order to realize a long lifespan at very low maintenance costs. The NovoFold offers many advantages in a logistic workflow. The efficient operation and high stability guarantee optimal energy saving, draught exclusion and climate control.

Advantages at a glance



max. width

6000 mm

max. height

6000 mm

max. surface area

36 m2

max. wind force

Cl. 3 / 118 - 149 km/h

required lateral space at the guides

220 mm

required lateral space at slip on drive

520 mm

required lateral space at non-drive side

220 mm*

required lateral space at drive for fitting

650 mm

required space above

1070 mm


wind load resistance minimal class 3 according to EN 12424, or up to 13 Beaufort max. (118 - 149 km/h)

opening speed with Frequency Control max. 1.1 m/s*, closing speed approx. 0.5 m/s

900 gr/m2, Class M2 door curtain in 9 standard colours available

Supplied as standard with powder coated columns, optionally with a built-in safety light curtain

developed as a very maintenance-free exterior door for doorways with a high wind load

EN13241 compliant

NovoSpeed Thermo

Developed for outdoor use

Novoferm hat set itself ambitious targets when it comes to insulation, noise reduction and pricing. Our research & development department has developed a rapid spiral door with outstanding insulation performance - NovoSpeed Thermo. Specially designed rollers keep noise to a minimum, while the patented system also makes it possible to keep NovoSpeed Thermo uniquely sleek. The door has no springs; it is operated by direct drive with a circulating chain/belt system.

The rapid "all in one" exterior door
Conventionally, openings to the outside are often fitted with two doors – an insulated door for use at night and a rapid roll door for use during the day. New NovoSpeed Thermo combines the best of both worlds in a single product. An investment that pays for itself in next to no time! NovoSpeed Thermo features space-saving spiral technology that offers outstanding functional performance. Its excellent engineering makes it very fast and safe, yet also very sturdy. The contactless winding of the sections requires little maintenance and ensures an extremely long service life. Optionally available: model S600 with horizontal tracks instead of the spiral.

NovoSpeed rapid roll doors for outdoor use
Advantages at a glance

Developed for outdoor use

For applications up to 5000 mm wide (S600: 6000 mm) and 5000 mm high

Max. 30 m²

Wind load class: Class 3 / 4

Opening speed :1.1 m/s (S600: 1.5)

Closing speed :0.5 m/s

Panel height :366 mm

Panel thickness :40 mm

Surface :galvanized steel

Standard frequency control

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