garage door with the integrated NovoPort® system
Your advantages at a glance

Modern, energy-saving LED lighting (1.6 W)

Low power consumption in standby mode (0.5 W)

The remote control unit has automatic signal encryption to ensure the utmost protection against manipulation

Complete with wall-mounted keypad to open the garage from the inside

Easy to operate, with user-friendly menu

Sectional garage door can be controlled using "smartGarage" mobility app

Air vent settings for garage ventilation

Flexible side installation

NovoPort® system for sectional garage doors

If you are renovating your garage, you don’t just want it to look better. You want it open more easily and not consume too much energy during operation. With the integrated NovoPort® system, which consists of a garage door, operator and remote control, you can raise the level of comfort and convenience at the push of a button.

Novoferm Garage doors and operators are perfectly matched to one another and certified by independent institutes to the latest safety standards proving the reassurance of maximum security alongside convenient handling complete with 5-year manufacturer's warranty on all mechanical, motor and motor control components.