Garagen-Sektionaltor in weiß
Garagen-Sektionaltor mit Nebentür
Garagen-Sektionaltor in stahlblau
Garagen-Sektionaltor mit ansichtsgleicher Nebentür und Fenster in taubenblau
Garagen-Sektionaltor in graualuminium
Garagen-Sektionaltor in satin grey

ISO45 Sectional Doors (Steel Section Garage Doors – Premium)

If you’re searching for a premium-quality option that boasts a wide array of bespoke features, you’ll want to consider these top-quality doors for your property. Ease-of-use, energy-efficiency, and unmatched security are just some of the great things these doors have to offer. 

 All our ISO45 doors are fabricated from hot-galvanised thin steel sheet and enhanced with a polyester-based pre-finished coat, or, in the case of certain products, a durable foil finished coating. We galvanise all exposed parts, including the angular frames, guide rails and fitting parts to ensure no rust can form. 

You might already be familiar with our amazing ISO20 doors. The main difference between these two doors is the thickness. While ISO20 doors measure just 20mm in thickness, the ISO45 doors are more than double that at 45mm. This increase in thickness translates to improved thermal and acoustic efficiency which you can learn  more about below. 

We’re confident of the quality of our ISO45 doors, which is why the first ten years of each door’s service life is guaranteed by us! 

If this all sounds like something you need, inquire about our Novoferm ISO45 sectional doors today.

Grey sectional garage door

Compatible with Private Garages Measuring Between 2084 and 5500mm Wide

Warranties of Up To Ten Years Available

Operation That is Smooth and Stable

Superbly Durable and Sturdy – Distortion Resistant

STS 202 BRI Burglar Resistance (excluding optional extras)

Additional Secured by Design features available as an optional extra which focuses on added crime prevention features

Anti-Pinch Feature Inside and Outside (according to EN 12604) – Maximum Personal Safety

Torsion Spring with Spring Break Safety Feature – Functional Reliability and Easy Operation

Fully Customisable

Available with Automatic Patented NovoPort® Operating System


Here at Novoferm, we manufacture our ISO45 sectional doors with a double-skinned sandwich construction. Inside, there’s an insulating rigid PUR foam core that provides maximum heat-insulating and soundproofing qualities. With this build-quality, customers will also note that these doors feature a quieter operation when compared to single-skinned options.

Plus, further heat loss and sound bleed are prevented by the addition of flexible lip seals which maintain a tight seal, even in low temperatures. These seals also help to keep dust out too keeping the internal environment neat and tidy. What sets our ISO45 sectional doors apart from our ISO20 option is the addition of a 45mm rigid PUR foam core. The acoustic and thermal performance of this core is outstanding (heat insulation value K = 0.5 W/m²K).

Another feature of our ISO45 doors is the inclusion of a frost-proof floor seal. This rubber profile is fitted along the bottom edge of the garage door and helps to provide optimal protection from water and dirt. It also serves to even out slight floor unevenness, preventing damage to the door and injuries. Every floor seal is comprised of high-quality EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), renowned for its exceptional elasticity, weather resistance, and long lifespan. 

In addition, our ISO45 doors boast outstanding weather resistance thanks to the excellent stainless-steel frame base. Water and impeded drainage can drain off freely, ensuring no water or damp accumulates and that no rust starts to form on the frame over time. As for the frame base, it remains sturdy even at low temperatures where other bases would become brittle. It forms a clean visual seal. 


Keeping Out the Weather 

When compared to up and over garage doors, the ISO45 doors offer increased drive length of up to 3ft. This is thanks to the way they open vertically into the garage with zero ‘kick out’. All this is made possible by the individual sections that comprise the door leaf. Every single door is manufactured using the highest quality materials. And every door incorporates the latest innovations in fabrication technology and comes with a variety of aesthetic options, so your customers can pick the door that suits their home. 

Combine this with the built-in insulation features mentioned above, and you have a door built for both aesthetics and performance. The ISO45 will keep out the weather, help control energy bills, reduce noise, and possibly even your carbon footprint. 


If your intention is to add your own personal touch, you’ll be pleased to hear that our ISO45 option is available in any of the following five patterns. There are also numerous top-coated surfaces available too, as well as a wide selection of colours from the Novoferm range.

Patterns for single and double garages

Horizontal rib

Microline (flush)

Large rib

Georgian Panelled


Illustrations show garage leaf door size 2500 x 2125 mm for single garages and garage leaf door size 4500 x 2125 mm for double garages. Other garage door sizes can deviate from the illustration shown.

Door leaf


Polyester-based prime coat, grey white, similar to RAL 9002

Outside (standard):

Traffic white, similar to RAL 9016 (prime coated)


Super Color or RAL of your choice at additional cost (top coated)

Premium sectional garage doors that match the architecture of your home!


When you invest in our ISO45 sectional garage doors, you’ll have the option to upgrade your doors with vertical tension spring technology or sturdy torsion springs. Our ISO45 doors (up to 3000 x 2750 mm (WxH))* can be equipped with torsion springs. These springs feature a maintenance-free spring fracture safety device which is certified to EN 12604. This service can be provided at an extra cost.

For all larger versions of our ISO45 doors, torsion springs are equipped, ensuring that these doors remain in place and can be pushed back up, even if a spring fails. 

This applies to woodgrain finish models only. The size restriction for smooth surface models is set lower at 3000 x 2500 mm*