Garagen-Sektionaltor mit Nebentüre
Garagen-Sektionaltor mit ansichtsgleicher Nebentür und Fenster in taubenblau

Matching side doors for sectional garage doors

Don’t want to always have to raise and lower the door for your bike, lawn mower or screwdriver?
Then Novoferm has the practical solution for you: we offer matching side doors for all sectional garage doors – for quick and easy access that also looks good. And the workmanship is something to be proud of as well: All side doors are made from high-quality aluminium profiles. The infills are fashioned from double-skinned galvanized sheet steel with rigid PUR foam core.

building with matching garage and side doors
Your advantages at a glance

High-quality aluminium profiles

Appearance matches sectional garage doors

With triple locking mechanism and hinge lock

Available in numerous top coated colours and surface finishes

Accurate workmanship – reliable operation

while robust door hinges

All door leaf frames are made of aluminium and guarantee maximum weather resistance, while robust hinges ensure long-term, dimensionally accurate opening and closing.

door frames

The ideal frame for every door Different frames are available, depending on the installation situation:

  • Block frame (opens inwards or outwards)
  • Corner frame with 3 or 4 sides
  • Clamp frame with 3 sides (for ready-made garages only)

Selected patterns

Horizontal Rib

Large Rib



Panelled Glazed


With film-covered colour shades and textured surface finishes, the aluminium profiles of the side doors are produced in a suitably toning shade.

Novoferm side doors are available in a wide range of door patterns, surface finishes and colours. They are standard fitted with a black rounded handle set and security lock.