Positive Changes At Novoferm:

We are very excited to inform you of a positive new change at Novoferm that will be coming into effect very shortly. 
The business has gone through many changes over the last few months, and we feel that it is time for the brand to take a bold step forward. 
The idea behind this change is to shift the focus to supplying our own group brand of Novoferm products in our continuing drive to be the preferred reliable door supplier of choice. 
This bold step follows a sizeable, as well as continued, investment to improve processes, delivery reliability, quality, customer service and staff culture. 
 So, what does this mean for our loyal customers? Customers will still have access to our full product range and will still benefit from our ever-improving reliability and quality standards, but the Novoferm brand will now be the primary one in the UK. 
Our relentless focus on improving every customer interaction will remain unchanged.