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Acoustic Doors

Have you been struggling to find a supplier of industrial soundproof doors that can be trusted to deliver perfect products at reasonable prices? If that sounds exactly right, then Novoferm is here to be your one stop shop. You can browse our product selection online or discuss your requirements with a member of our professional sales team by calling 01582 563 777 – we are always here to help and answer your questions!

Discover Our Range of Sound Reduction Doors

A set of acoustic doors that create a haven of peace and quiet at a busy modern workplace. Sounds perfect, right? That’s exactly what you can get when you enlist the expertise of Novoferm. For example, our DB-1 type units have been made specially to effectively separate loud from quiet.

Just how effective are these soundproof doors? The abovementioned units have an official sound reduction index of up to RW = 52 dB. With a sturdy steel frame and special acoustic insulation complete with a double lowerable floor seal, you have found your perfect product now.

When you’re working in a large building, the noisy sections have to be separate from the office areas and this is exactly where we come in to help. There are many advantages that you’ll be able to enjoy when you choose our soundproof doors for your premises.

Only with sound reduction doors from Novoferm will you be able to enjoy and take advantage of all the following guarantees and benefits other providers won’t be able to match:

  • 62 Millimetre Door Panel with Thick Rebate
  • Sill-Free Double Lowerable Floor Seal
  • Special Acoustic Insulation
  • Steel Frame
  • Tested by An Officially Recognised Agency
  • Verified As A Suitable Choice for Installation in Interior Walls

Why Buy Your New Set of Acoustic Doors from Novoferm?

The precision that’s required for proper soundproofing takes practice and years of dedication. You should never enlist the services of an inexperienced team just to save a little bit of money. Acoustic doors are definitely a professional item that should only be ordered from experts with a proven track record of past excellence.

This is where Novoferm really stands out. We are part of the larger Sanwa Shutter family, which is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of automated garage door systems and various other fantastic products. First founded all the way back in 1955, we have since gone from strength to strength to become the number one provider of soundproof doors and many other excellent units.

We work on the simple principle of quality over quantity. Our team ensures that all of our products fulfil the maximum quality, safety, comfort as well as aesthetic requirements at the minimum cost. Our soundproof doors are no exception to this rule!

A Company Unlike Any Other

Here at Novoferm, we give generous long-term guarantees on our products and provide the customer service to go with it. We’re all very passionate about providing safety as well as convenience in homes, workplaces, hospitals, schools, airports, office buildings, shops and many other establishments.

Our products come with a CE-marking, which is the manufacturer’s declaration that the units meet all of the requirements in the European Conformity directives. You can therefore sit back and relax, knowing that your new sound reduction doors will last for many years to come without faltering. We even partnered up with important door suppliers across the country.

Contact Us to Order or Find Out More About Our Soundproof Doors

Ready to order your soundproof doors? Need to specify something first? We look forward to hearing from you. Reach out to us on social media or by calling 01582 563 777 and we’ll take it from there!