Sliding fire and smokeproof doors

Novoferm fire seals are self closing and prevent fire penetrating through wall openings. All models are officially tested as per DIN 4102 and have been issued general building code approval by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) in Berlin.

Novoferm sliding fire doors are suitable for low headers or butt ceiling installation. They offer outstanding operational performance and look good with their smooth surface finish. A free swing function is optionally available.

The modular design is easy to transport and assemble, so even large door sizes are possible.

Novoferm sliding doors are available in both T30 and T90 smokeproof and fireproof versions. See for yourself!

Your advantages at a glance

Fireproof and smokeproof version available

Available with one or two leaves

Optional integrated sill-free pass door

Wall and ceiling flaps for integration into the building architecture

Safety braking strip protects against trapping and crushing

Innovative free swing function enables sliding fire doors to be moved to any position with just light pressure

Numerous features – building code approved, of course – enable enhancement of the single and double sliding fire door units to suit the specific property.


Click on the link on the left to watch a video explaining the highlights of our Novoferm sliding fire and smokeproof doors. This video focuses particularly on the sliding door features: safety braking strip, free swing function and wall and ceiling flaps.

Numerous other animations / videos can be found on the Novoferm YouTube channel:


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