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When securing both external and internal points of access, security doors are a necessary purchase. But it pays to purchase the best quality doors, and that’s precisely what we offer here at Novoferm. Our doors are built to a high-spec, so you can rest assured that you can keep everything secure, whether it’s your entire property or selected areas. Want to find out more? Then call our team today on 01582 563 777.

Your Go-To Specialists for Cutting-Edge Security Entrances

We all want to feel secure both in our private lives and at work. You wouldn’t cut costs when it comes to the locks installed on your front door at home. So why risk the potential loss of livelihood by leaving your business unsecure? Here at Novoferm, we hold the answer to your current predicament as we supply world-class security doors that will keep intruders at bay.

Our fantastic range of secure doors come with many fantastic benefits, such as:

  • High-Quality Locking Systems with Multiple Locks
  • Aluminium Security Hardware as per DIN 18257
  • Key with Safety Card – Prevents Unauthorised Duplication
  • Sturdy Steel Hinges with Hinge Locks
  • Numerous Additional Features

Each of our security doors comes with a security profile cylinder with core-draw protection as per DIN 18252. These cylinders are anti-drill and anti-pull as standard and come with three keys. Optional features can also be fitted, such as fire and smoke protection and acoustic insulation.

What better choice for your security needs?

Here to Provide the Finest Security Doors

Here at Novoferm, we offer a competitively priced service in which we’ll customise your security entrances exactly the way you want them. When fully kitted out, these doors can resist unwanted guests, fire, smoke, and even noise. In their standard setup, they can act as a sturdy barrier to intruders. And thanks to the sophisticated design and wide range of aesthetic options, these doors can be made to blend in seamlessly with the building and décor.

Other features which can be added include a vast range of accessories as well as optional installations, such as panel glazing, top panels, and fanlights. And, of course, all security doors  supplied by us comply with the performance characteristics required by the European test standard (EN 1627). Our doors also range in resistance levels from RC2 to RC4.

As for suitable applications, these doors can be used in situations ranging from secure server rooms to offices, workshops, and warehouses. Wherever they happen to be installed, customers can be assured of outstanding performance as these doors have undergone rigorous testing. When professionally installed, they’ll provide you with years of lasting service. Plus, if have an insurance policy in place, these doors will help satisfy certain aspects of your policy agreement.

All-in-all, these doors are a worthwhile investment that we highly recommend. If you have any questions concerning them, you can always give the Novoferm  team a call on 01582 563 777We're always happy to help.

Why Choose One of Our Secure Doors?

When it comes to supplying quality security doors, Novoferm  remains consistently ahead of the trend. By going the extra mile with every service, we deliver impeccable standards on both service and products. This has made us one of Europe’s largest and most respected manufacturers of manual and automated entrances. Finding the right product is always easy with us, and thanks to our global network of approved distribution partners; you’ll always receive your new doors promptly.

Our reputation cannot be beaten and has steadily grown over the course of the last 65 years. We consider, among other things, safety, comfort, and aesthetics to be just as important as performance. When consulting with us concerning security entrances, you’ll receive doors that are exactly tailored to your requirements. And thanks to our highly competitive prices, that assured security won’t cost you a fortune.

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