Inspiring the Future- Apprenticeships At Novoferm

Novoferm is always looking for ways in which the business can provide more opportunities for enthusiastic young workers. This is why we chose to join forces with the Kickstart Scheme.  The scheme provides funding to employers so that they can create jobs for 16- to 24-year-olds.  

The team at Novoferm believe that the Kickstart Scheme is an excellent way to bring young people into the business, providing them with an opportunity they otherwise might not have had. Our intention is to retain those who take part in the scheme and we can proudly say that two previous apprentices have taken on permanent positions at our Luton office. 

Not only does the Kickstart Scheme allow for young people interested in the garage door industry and manufacturing to gain vital experience and earn a living but it also provides an incredible foundation for a successful career. Novoferm is always striving to create significant opportunities for young workers and the Kickstart Scheme is a brilliant way to achieve this. 

Panashe Makumbe – Apprentice Research and Development Technician

Panashe recently joined Novoferm as an apprentice research and development technician. Since joining the company, Panashe has continued to grow and improve, proving to be a valuable member of the team. Taking on significant responsibilities to help the department, he has built up his understanding of Novoferm and R&D while learning and gaining vital on the job skills. 

The apprenticeship at Novoferm interested Panashe initially as it “sounded like a great opportunity to learn about a potential job”. While he has encountered some challenging tasks during his time with the company, overcoming them has made him feel very fulfilled. On what he enjoys most about working for Novoferm, Panashe noted “the opportunity for growth,” specifically mentioning being given the correct tools and assistance to improve. 

Working with Novoferm has provided Panashe with many chances to expand his knowledge of the door manufacturing industry and become better suited to a specific role. The apprenticeship has allowed him to improve his skills with certain aspects of R&D software, notably Fusion 360, which he has enjoyed using the most. Developing an in-depth understanding of such software has allowed Panashe to become a skilled member of the team and has put him in the perfect position to retain a role with the company. 

Panashe was initially surprised at how much freedom and space he was given to grow in his new role. Novoferm wants all apprentices to feel comfortable at the company and develop into valuable team members. It’s for this reason that we give apprentices, such as Panashe, the time necessary to fit into their new position and be confident in their work. 

Upon completing his apprenticeship, Panashe hopes to remain a full-time member of the Novoferm team, which is the end goal for both the company and its apprentices. On why someone should join Novoferm as part of the apprenticeship scheme, Panashe said that it’s “a great opportunity to work with intelligent, hard-working people.” 

We look forward to following up with Panashe at the end of his apprenticeship scheme to see how he’s doing with the company!