Mark Craigen – Group Finance Director

Mark joined as our Group Finance Director in November 2020, and while he still considers himself to be relatively new, a lot has changed since he first started. “We’ve achieved a lot of positive things”, he says, “despite the backdrop of Covid and Brexit”. 

Mark’s position has him overseeing the financial management and reporting of Novoferm’s five UK businesses that serve the residential, industrial, and commercial markets. “I also oversee our IT systems and communications, vehicle fleet management, as we all legal/compliance aspects of the business.” Such breadth of responsibility gives Mark the variety he enjoys. 


“I’ve always liked numbers”, Mark says on what initially drew him to the world of finance. “Being involved in finance gave me an insight into broader business performance.” Such insight allowed him to delve into other areas of different companies, other than just finance. 

Having the ability to look into the financial aspects of a business more carefully comes from the fact that Mark worked as a Chartered Accountant for Deloitte for over a decade. Working in this position, which he cites as being the best career decision he ever made, gave Mark the chance to work with a variety of clients across different industry sectors. 

As Group Finance Director, Mark fits right in with the friendly team, as well as the blisteringly paced work environment. “I personally like to be challenged, so I like that it’s fast-paced, and there are lots of positive opportunities, both for individuals and for the business to progress.” Mark also points to having a management team that “is stable, considered, positive, empowering [and] who work together in a constructive and collegiate way” is one of the best parts of being at the company. 

Mark was initially surprised at the amount of untapped potential at Novoferm, yet now feels that there’s no better time to join our team. “With a new management team now in place, there are already a lot of positive changes being made within the business and many more to come!” Upgraded equipment and facilities, as well as investments in staff, mean that there are plenty of opportunities on the horizon.