Introducing Mark Ashton

I started working in the garage door industry in 1998 as a Service Engineer for the original Wessex garage doors. This role included repairing cracked & chipped door panels or replacing where needed, covering areas from Birmingham to the north of Scotland. Over five years of working with them, I built a good rapport with many garage door specialists. After this starting role, I worked for various companies in the industry, progressing through the industry in many different roles but now with a further focus tailoring towards sales & having further responsibilities in a managerial role. With over 15 years in this role, I often used to pass my industry knowledge onto the team to support the business from my experience. I then got approached by Novoferm to become a Regional Sales Manager, mainly covering the same areas I had previously worked in, relighting my customer relationships, catching up with old garage door specialists and contacting & obtaining new customers. Working as a Regional Sales Manager at Novoferm is an excellent position for me as I work amongst a solid team who are always there and willing to help, from the Managing Director down through all departments.

The products we supply are continually improving with an excellent R & D team, so something new is always happening on the horizon. I definitely think that working at Novoferm has been the best career decision I have ever made.