Introducing Liam Cousins

I started in the garage door industry at 18 years old. I knew a friend that worked at Cardale who introduced me to the boss. Soon after, I was recruited to join Cardale as a door builder; the rest is history.

It became clear early on that Cardale was more than just a job. It provided stability, growth, and opportunities to learn and progress. This was evident when I was given a chance to learn a new skill and work as a paint line operator. This, at the time, felt like a promotion, so I worked hard to learn quickly and excel.

I was introduced to the company’s various processes and made to feel like a welcome part of the team very early on. It became clear that the business was extremely well organised, with each part of the operating process plainly laid out for each member of the team. It didn’t take long to get to grips with daily operations and find my feet. 

In the early days, I was provided with comprehensive training and support to make sure that I was comfortable in the role of a paint line operator. I always felt that I had the backing of senior staff members, as they made themselves available to answer any questions and offer constructive advice. This type of support has continued as I have continued to evolve with the company. 

Thanks to my early experience in the garage door industry, it didn’t take too long to adjust to working for Cardale and getting to grips with the daily demands of the job. I would say that the case remains the same for current new starters, who are always given the time to grow into their role and gain more confidence whilst on the job. This patience has resulted in many promising young employees coming through. 

We worked in a small team of three people; one of them was the team leader. The team leader was offered a different job role, which was accepted, and I was invited to take over as team leader.

Through this promotion, I gained a real sense of responsibility and learned new skills. Cardale had two locations at the time, one in Luton and the other in Brackley. The company decided that it would trade/operate out of Luton.

This created more opportunities throughout, which, to be honest, I did not really consider at the time as I enjoyed my current role. I was given the opportunity to run a completely different department focused on building doors. This involved working with a larger team, in a bigger area, with more significant responsibilities etc. I accepted the challenge.

Before I knew it, I was a Production Supervisor, working closely with the Production Manager. I was entrusted to make business decisions and gained lots of knowledge.

Novoferm has continued to give me opportunities and continues to create opportunities for others. I am now the Production Manager of Novoferm UK. I take great pride in what I do and strive to exceed expectations. I genuinely believe that you get out what you put in in life.

The business changed names, roles changed, management changed, and eventually, it became Novoferm UK. At Novoferm, I have worked across different departments, including production, transport, goods-in, and planning, and I have gained knowledge of the whole operation.