Introducing Jo Young, HR Manager

Our HR Manager, Jo, has been with us for over three years, having joined the company in what was originally a standalone role. Since then, she has grown her team to five members and brought jobs like payroll and recruitment in-house. She and her team have implemented an HRIS and continue to work hard so as to protect the business.

Jo originally found her way into it by accident, as many people do when they land the ideal job. Having once worked in banking, she became disillusioned with having to sell to people in deprived areas who were unable to afford certain services. On changing career paths, she told us, “In August 2002, I saw an advert for an HR Administrator, applied, got the job, and the rest, as they say, is history!” 

Completing her MA in Human Resources Management was a huge step for Jo in terms of furthering her career, and it has come in handy when working with us at Novoferm. Jo aptly summed up the four things that she enjoys most about working for the company “The people. The challenge. The diversity of my role. The constant learning.” 


Not everything has been easy for Jo since joining, with an initial lack of infrastructure in the HR department, as well as the effects of the COVID 19 situation. However, ever a font of optimism, Jo has been blown away by the way everyone at the company has worked together to pull through. 

Initially surprised at how “welcoming and supportive” everyone was, she’s now become accustomed to the tightly knit group of workers we have. 

On why someone should consider joining Novoferm, Jo notes the wide range of roles within the manufacturing industry offered by the company. She notes the new direction that the company is taking and how it is a great thing to be a part of. “New hires will be joining us at a very exciting time.”