Becoming the Reliable Supplier of Choice

With a brand-new initiative coming into effect in September, Novoferm are on a mission to prove they have what it takes to be a reliable door supplier of choice in the garage door industry. 

Change is often necessary, and nobody knows this better than door industry manufacturer, Novoferm. Several months have passed since Robin Baker became the new Group MD.  

When he first joined the company, he made it clear that there was need for significant changes. September sees the start of a brand-new initiative as Novoferm reaffirms its commitment to being a reliable door supplier of choice. 

As part of this initiative, the company will continue building on the improvements and investments in new machinery that have already begun with the intention of improving lead-time reliability and quality for all its clients

Big things are about to happen, but what does this all mean? What do the customers say and how does investment and a changing staff culture help shape this new, forward-thinking Novoferm? 


Give the Customers What They Want

Let’s start by looking at what Novoferm brings to the table. The company certainly does not fall short on unique selling points (USPs), having earned the status as one of Europe’s largest system suppliers of doors and operators. Such USPs include: 

  • Leading Mass Producer 

  • Made-to-Measure Bespoke Products 

  • Flexible Production 

  • Flexible Paint Options 

  • Great Range of Products 

  • Excellent Product Specification and Production Features 

On paper, it sounds like Novoferm is going in the right direction, so what more can Novoferm do? To find out, the company decided to engage with a number of key clients to get their view and advice. 

The response was overwhelmingly unanimous – clients wanted lead time reliability and better quality, not just faster delivery times. In the past, Novoferm’s focus has always been to get products to the clients as quickly as possible. 

However, this can present challenges, such as lead times not being met or product quality wavering. Speed, it would seem, is not always the answer. Clients prefer the peace of mind of receiving quality doors when promised. 

A New Way of Doing Things

The message is clear – clients want to know that the doors they have ordered will arrive on the day they have been promised. They also want to know that the doors will meet their expectations. 

So, how does Novoferm go about making this happen? The answer is a two-part solution, beginning with investment. 

Novoferm has committed around £400,000 towards investing in new machinery. They have also committed to investing in personnel with a focus on quality control and raising standards. 

To date, the company is around 30% of the way there. The remaining investment in machinery is to be finalised by the end of 2021 with the next big piece of kit arriving early September. 

With the initial investment completed, it is hoped that this new initiative in September will see a push to improve processes to focus more on lead time reliability, following an extensive review. 

Quality is an ongoing commitment with further investment to be sunk into the quality team. The goal is to ensure that products leaving the premises always meet the high standards clients expect, driving customer retention. 

To oversee this, Novoferm recently appointed a new Quality Control Manager along with a roaming QC Inspector. 

While all this certainly spells the beginning of a new way of doing things, clients can rest assured that all this enhances the USPs for which Novoferm are known. 

Making Novoferm a Great Place to Work

As a company, Novoferm remains more committed than ever to becoming the industry employer of choice. But, once again, change is needed to create a fantastic staff culture. 

Any team is only as effective as those in charge, and a lack of inclusive leadership can lead to an unpleasant working environment for all. This is something Robin vowed to change when he first came on board. 

Today, Novoferm’s staff culture is moving firmly in the right direction under Robin’s guidance and inclusive leadership style. A more forward-thinking approach has been adopted, empowering employees to engage, speak up, and have their say. 

Robin believes strongly in giving people the runway they need to grow and develop, whether that is picking people up when they stumble, rewarding success or encouraging ideas and feedback. 

Novoferm are on a mission to be the company where careers are made, building an exceptional team through coaching, training, development, and incentivisation.  

With all that said, why not try Novoferm’s reliability for yourself? If past experiences have put you off, you will likely find yourself pleasantly surprised. Contact the team today to learn more about Novoferm’s new September initiative and their drive to be a supplier and employer of choice.