Garage door modernization / renovation

Thinking of replacing your garage door? Novoferm makes renovating much easier and faster!

There’s no denying that a lot of garages still have old up-and-over doors. Often installed decades ago, most of them really do look their age nowadays. Generally, these garage doors are no longer particularly attractive, not very user friendly and do not meet today’s safety requirements! Although appearance and user friendliness might be negligible initially, keeping friends and family safe and ensuring functional reliability should be given top priority!

Safety check

Check the safety of your garage door!

We have compiled a check list below to help you ascertain whether your up-and-over or sectional garage door meets today’s safety requirements.

Time for a new garage door!

Did your garage door fail the safety check?

Do you open your garage door by hand? Does the appearance of your garage door no longer match the façade/architecture of your home? Are you fed up with looking at the old garage door?

Why not paint it again and carry on with the old technology? No! After all, the benefits of a new and modern sectional garage door are clear:

Replacing a garage door

Novoferm – your expert partner for renovations

Out with the old. In with the new. Regardless of whether your garage is brick or concrete!
Novoferm makes renovating much easier and faster.

Whether you have a brick or concrete garage, Your Novoferm partner can replace the old door with an automatic sectional garage door. How can they do it so quickly?

Well, since Novoferm renovation garage doors are precisely matched to the most common old door sizes, there is no need for extensive modifications to the garage opening, nor for expensive, tailor-made doors.

And if the new sectional door is installed behind the garage opening, you have a larger passage width than before. Is a “No” still feasible in the face of all these advantages?

Garage door modernization
Your advantages at a glance

Expert advice and replacement of your garage door by one of Novoferm’s professional partners

Affordable standard and renovation sizes can usually be used

Novoferm sectional garage doors are the perfect choice for renovations with their narrow rebate width of just 80 mm on each side

The uniform colour and surface finish of the entire garage door looks good

Uneven walls can be flexibly treated

Clean renovation solutions, right down to the tiniest detail (e.g. trim profiles on angular frames, stepped renovation frame, variable floor profiles, etc.)

Use of aluminium panel frames on ceiling sectional garage doors made by Novoferm

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