We at Novoferm are proud to offer great opportunities to apprentices who are looking to get a foot in the door industry. We have a lot of successful stories of past apprentices over the years, with many individuals going on to take on more challenging roles within the company that come with more responsibility. 

It’s always our aim to nurture apprentices and to help them find their way within our organisation, whatever it is they might be interested in doing. By indoctrinating keen apprentices into the company, we are able to cultivate a vibrant and fresh working environment for everyone, all whilst preparing for the future. 

We’re delighted to have welcomed many budding apprentices in recent times, all of whom have settled into their respective roles nicely. Below, you can learn more about some of the newest apprentices to get started in the door industry with Novoferm:

Nathanian Chrupek - IT Apprentice


Nat joined the Novoferm team in September 2021 as an IT Apprentice and was enrolled by the company on an Information Communication Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship. Working with the IT team has allowed Nat to blossom in the workplace, as he’s taken on projects involving new systems and technology that have helped to support his progress. 

Nat is due to complete his apprenticeship later in 2023, which will see him receive a qualification that offers many exciting new opportunities within the company. He has continued to take on more responsibility during his time as an apprentice, which, in turn, has boosted his confidence and led to the development of new skills.

Neve Heywood - Office Apprentice


One of the newest apprentices to become a part of our team is Neve, who joined as an Office Apprentice in August 2022. Since joining the company, Neve has supported the Accounts, Procurement, HR, and Marketing teams, picking up plenty of useful skills along the way. While initially undecided on what career path she wanted to take, her time at Novoferm has allowed her to find her feet in the modern workplace. 

Neve is studying a Business Studies Level 3 Apprenticeship, which is a versatile qualification that is appropriate for many career paths. She has been made to feel very welcome in the company, with everyone offering advice and support to help her make quick and effective progress. By working with each department, Neve has diversified her skillset and opened up several doors for future careers. 

Sophia Bravata - Marketing Executive


Sophia has been part of the Novoferm team since April 2021 and was at first working as a Sales Administrator in the Customer Service department. After working with customer service for the better part of 15 months, she took the opportunity to move into the role of Marketing Executive, which made her responsible for all of the Novoferm marketing. 

While not from a marketing background and moving into a potentially daunting role, Sophia was confident in being able to learn quickly and enjoy the challenges offered by the job. In her new position, Sophia has found the work to be extremely rewarding as she aims to complete her apprenticeship by 2024. The apprenticeship itself covers all aspects of marketing, providing her with tools and knowledge to use in the future. 

Dwayne Taylor - Maintenance Apprentice


Dwayne has been working for Novoferm since 2014, initially joining the company as a Production Operative situated on the finishing line. Between 2014 and 2020, Dwayne worked in various areas of the factory, learning his trade and taking on new challenges. In 2020, the opportunity arose for Dwayne to join the maintenance team as a trainee, which he applied for successfully. 

Dwayne has always been keen on pushing himself to learn more skills and is now almost halfway through his maintenance training course. At the end of the course, Dwayne will have gained several recognised qualifications, allowing him to take on more complex work for the company.