Timber Garage Doors 

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Timber Garage Doors 

Are you in the business of supplying customers with superb garage doors along with a full installation, servicing, maintenance, and repair service? Then we would love to be your reliable door supplier of choice. Here at Novoferm, we specialise in designing and manufacturing commercial and industrial doors, including garage doors. We offer an assortment of garage doors for you to, in turn, offer to your customers.  

Plus, if you would like to offer your customers an alternative to steel, you simply cannot go wrong with oak. Our timber doors are comprised of the best quality materials and manufactured to an exacting standard. Thanks to our recent investment in new machinery and personnel, we are well-placed to deliver the best doors for your customers. 

You can always trust Novoferm to exceed your expectations as we have honed our craft over the last 60+ years. For more information about our timber garage doors, call us on 01582 377 067