Garagen-Sektionaltor in weiß
Garagen-Sektionaltor mit Nebentür
Garagen-Sektionaltor in stahlblau
Garagen-Sektionaltor mit ansichtsgleicher Nebentür und Fenster in taubenblau
Garagen-Sektionaltor in graualuminium
Garagen-Sektionaltor in satin grey

Sectional Timber Doors

Are you an admirer of natural-looking aesthetics? Would your property look better with a set of wooden doors rather than a set of metal doors? If your house is of a typical country-style, you’ll want to choose a set of doors that contrasts with the architecture, and the surrounding area.

Here at Novoferm, we supply sectional timber doors equipped with 45mm insulation for unbeatable insulating and sound dampening performance. These doors are designed to exude a natural sophistication that will provide your garage with a rustic appearance.

While we use modern technical processing aids in the production of all our doors, large parts of our solid wood doors are still crafted by hand. The final product will sport graining that is entirely unique; such is the nature of real wood.

Garagen-Schwingtor in braun

Ideal for Private Garages Measuring Between 2250 and 5500mm in Width

Fully Backed by a Five-Year Warranty

Premium Build-Quality – Durable and Long-Lasting

Smooth Running

STS 202 BRI Burglar Resistance (excluding optional extras)

Anti-Pinch Protection to Keep Fingers Safe (as per EN 12604)

Easy-to-Operate/ Reliable

Features Sturdy Torsion Spring with Spring Break Safety Feature on Both Sides

Constructed Using Carefully Selected Nordic Pine or African Okoumé Wood

Comes with the Automatic Patented NovoPort® Operating System



At Novoferm, we’re committed to making our doors as cutting-edge as possible. To that end, our premium sectional timber doors can be equipped with an optional vertical tension spring system (sturdy torsion springs). All larger versions are equipped with torsion springs as standard. These springs ensure that the door can be held in place securely and even pushed up in the event that a spring breaks.

For the ISO45 models, torsion springs can be supplied for models measuring up to 3000 x 2750mm (WxH). This does not include smooth surface models which cap out at 3000 x 2500mm.