Garagen-Sektionaltor in weiß
Garagen-Sektionaltor mit Nebentür
Garagen-Sektionaltor in stahlblau
Garagen-Sektionaltor mit ansichtsgleicher Nebentür und Fenster in taubenblau
Garagen-Sektionaltor in graualuminium
Garagen-Sektionaltor in satin grey

ISO70 Sectional Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a fantastic opportunity to supply your customers with the best quality ISO70 sectional garage doors, then Novoferm aims to be your supplier of choice. Loaded with bespoke features, our ISO70 doors offer outstanding performance, are easy to use, energy-efficient, and offer unparalleled levels of security. These incredible German-made doors are available in a range of finishes, including our NEW black satin finish. To learn more, you need only enquire with the team here at Novoferm. 

An Overview of the Benefits

If you’re considering making the switch to a new set of doors, consider the benefits of our ISO70 sectional garage doors. These benefits include: 

  • Large Choice of Modern and Top-Coated Surfaces and Colours
  • Uniform Appearance of Inside of Door (smooth surface and coordinating details coloured to match the door leaf)
  • Anti-Pinch Protection Inside and Out for Guaranteed Personal Safety
  • “Easy” Safety Opto Sensors Ensure Reliable Recognition of People and Obstacles
  • Stainless-Steel Ball-Bearing Tandem Rollers for Smooth Door Travel
  • Extremely Quiet Garage Door Operators
  • Spring Technology with Either Horizontal Torsion Spring Shafts or a Vertical Extension Spring System
  • Ease-of-Use Thanks to Smart Home Compatible Operators

Exceptional Thermal and Acoustic Performance

Outstanding Insulation

The thickness of these doors cannot be beaten as every ISO70 door is double skinned and insulated. Our steel sections are exclusively fabricated in this configuration and filled with an insulating rigid PUR foam core. This construction provides a thickness of =67mm (insulation performance K = 0.34 W/m2K), ensuring outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation. Combined with triple-glazed windows, a double floor seal and a thermo frame set, you have the best thermal performance and weather protection in class. 

Optional Thermo Frame Set 

Our optional sealing and insulating strip system can be fitted to ISO70 doors to improve heat insulation by up to 15%. This is achieved by optimising the frame along three sides when mounted behind the opening. The entire building’s overall performance is optimised, providing great benefits for the user. 

Outstanding Performance

Safety and Security

Every ISO70 door is equipped with stainless-steel ball-bearing tandem rollers. These high-quality rollers are designed to ensure smooth and even door travel, making these doors super-easy to open and close. The inclusion of optional spring technologies opens up new possibilities in situations where space is at a premium. And the inclusion of our whisper-quiet door operators means you can open and close your doors without disturbing the neighbours.  
With the NovoPort® patented operator system, you’ll have access to an integrated wall switch. 

This comes with a door status display on the remote control allowing for ease of use at all times. Thanks to the way in which this operator system is installed, the ceiling is left completely free. 

Certified Safe and Secure

With an ISO70 sectional garage door, your customers will be assured of the highest levels of safety and security. These doors come with anti-pinch protection inside and out for maximum personal safety. All the torsion springs come with spring-fracture safety devices on both sides. In addition, our automatic door systems come with electronic anti-opening security devices and a self-locking gear. Tamper-proof remote controls keep out thieves and are guarded by multi-part rolling codes. The remote controls themselves are also protected by AES 128-bit encryption. 

With the inclusion of “Easy” Safety Opto Sensors, you can make these doors even safer. However you choose to close your door, the sensors can detect if a person or obstacle is in the way and abort the closing operation. 

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Simple and Easy to Use 

Automating your garage doors really is a no-brainer. Once your customers have experienced this, they won’t want to go back. Our ISO70 doors come with smart-home-compatible operators. These can be added to an existing smart home setup as the technology is compatible with most systems. Once installed, customers can simply use the app to control the garage door, lighting, query the door status, and move the door into a ventilation position. 

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If you’re searching for a premium-quality option that boasts a wide array of bespoke features, you’ll want to consider these top-quality doors for your property. Select Your Garage Door Now!

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