NovoSpeed Rapid Roll Doors for Outdoor Use

Energy loss can present numerous problems for businesses that use warehouses, factories, and other industrial or commercial buildings. Conventional doors tend to open and close at a slow pace, which increases the risk of energy loss. To solve this problem, we supply rapid roll doors for outdoor use. These shutters allow and block access throughout the day due to their high-speed operation, minimising air flow, and in turn, energy loss. Rest assured that our exterior industrial doors can withstand all weather conditions.

NovoSpeed Heavy

Built to Withstand High Winds

To prevent significant energy loss, a rapid roller shutter door should be installed in your workplace. Conventional doors regularly allow air flow to come and go due to the slowness of its operation, but a NovoSpeed option will stop this from occurring.

Strong and Energy Efficient
The NovoSpeed Heavy contains numerous elements that makes it a sturdy and effective option for multiple industrial buildings. Wide lateral guides and a tensioning system adds to its properties, as well as the aluminium bottom beam. Our NovoSpeed Heavy door also contains heavy hinge profiles and a 3mm door leaf.


This system is perfect for preventing energy loss as it opens and closes throughout the working day, as opposed to conventional systems that are opened in the morning and shut at night. The NovoSpeed Heavy was designed to withstand all outdoor elements.

NovoSpeed Thermo

First Class Insulation

Our research and development department are constantly working to come up with ideas and systems to benefit clients. The NovoSpeed Thermo was introduced with phenomenal insulation performance. This affordable rapid spiral door has rollers designed to minimise the noise. Not only that, but our doors are aesthetically pleasing thanks to our sleek patented system. A circulating chain/belt system operates the door rather than springs.

Combination of Two Doors


 The beauty of the NovoSpeed Thermo is that it combines the properties of an insulated door and a rapid roll door. Merging these two doors into one system is beneficial for numerous industries, not only because of its practical usage but because of its cost-effectiveness. Our spiral technology and engineering makes the door fast but also safe and solid. There are many advantages to opting for a NovoSpeed Thermo system, including the fact that it has a long service life and requires little maintenance.

Advantages at a glance

Developed for outdoor use

For applications up to 5000 mm wide (S600: 6000 mm) and 5000 mm high

Max. 30 m²

Wind load class: Class 3 / 4

Opening speed :1.1 m/s (S600: 1.5)

Closing speed :0.5 m/s

Panel height :366 mm

Panel thickness :40 mm

Surface :galvanized steel

Standard frequency control

Speedy and Colourful Roller Shutters

Lower Your Energy Bill

By installing exterior doors that operate rapidly, you will be losing less energy, therefore reducing your bills. Our NovoSpeed Thermo works at a speed of 1.1 – 1.5 m/s depending on the size of the door and the track system.

Plenty of Colour Options


 The panel surfaces of a NovoSpeed Thermo door can be created with a Microline finish. Door leaves are standard supplied in RAL 9002 but any RAL colour can be selected for coating. Bear in mind that actual colours may differ slightly.

NovoSpeed Alu | S

Designed for Outdoor Use

A rapid roller shutter supplied by Novoferm will provide you with a much more energy-efficient system. Conventional doors fail to open and close at rapid speeds, meaning that the levels of energy being released are high. Using our systems will limit the energy loss.

Fast Logistics


 A NovoSpeed Alu S model has multiple properties that make the system insulated, burglar resistant, and fast. When you turn to our company, you could be offered this single roller shutter that works effectively and safely throughout the day.

Advantages at a glance

Developed for outdoor use

For applications up to 8000 mm wide and 8000 mm high

Max. 36 m²

Wind load class: Class 3

Opening speed: 2 m/s

Closing speed: 0.5 m/s

Slat height (effective): 75 mm

Slat thickness: 20 mm

Slat panel thickness: 2 mm

Design: anodized aluminium E6/EV1

Standard frequency control

NovoSpeed Alu | R

Affordable and Reliable

With top quality insulation performance, NovoSpeed Alu R is the ideal option for outdoor usage.

Simple but Effective


 Like the NovoSpeed Alu S, this particular system adopts the same features but has an opening speed of 1 m/s. While it is ideal for outdoor applications, it can also be used as an indoor system depending on your needs and requirements. The guides and drive can be smaller due to the fact that the door panel doesn’t need balancing. 

Advantages at a glance

Developed for outdoor use

For applications up to 5000 mm wide and 5000 mm high

Max. 25 m²

Wind load class: Class 2

Opening speed :1 m/s

Closing speed :0.5 m/s

Slat height (effective) :80 mm

Slat thickness :20 mm

Slat panel thickness :0.66 / 1 mm

Design :anodized aluminium E6/EV1

Standard frequency control

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