Meet Our Sales Administrators

For this staff stories entry, we spoke to Sales Administrators, Sophia Bravata and Bethany Lombard. Both Sophia and Beth are key members of the sales team who have comfortably grown into vital roles at Novoferm. While they both joined the company at different stages, each of them has found pleasure in seeing the firm improve during their time with us. Read below to get a better idea of their roles and find out why they believe now is the time to join us! 

Bethany Lombard – Sales Administrator

Since becoming a valued team member, Bethany has had the pleasure of watching the team grow in members and strength, resulting in better teamwork and service. 

When we asked what got Bethany interested in the position, she replied, “I had not worked in a customer service/ administrative office role before, so I saw it as a worthy first step to develop [the] necessary skills for any career.” 

When Bethany first joined the company, she was one of few members in a hardworking team who went above and beyond to give to a demanding role. As Novoferm has continued to grow, so has the team around her, although the experience gained during these early months has proven to be invaluable. 

Bethany has since passed this knowledge and experience on, training others while ensuring customers receive a satisfying service.  

The best thing Bethany has learned in her current position has been patience. From handling challenging situations to training new team members, Bethany quickly learned that patience was key to getting tasks done quickly and smoothly. Bethany has come to love the friendly, fun team she works with, citing it as the thing she likes most about working at Novoferm. 

When asked what the best career decision she ever made was, Bethany remarked that it was “when I accepted the role of supervisor at my part-time job I had alongside university, as it taught me key skills such as leadership and prioritising tasks.” 

In closing, Bethany was asked why someone should consider joining Novoferm, to which she replied, “Not only would they feel supported and valued by their colleagues, but they would be able to develop new skills in a friendly and fast-moving environment, which I believe is essential experience.”  


Sophia Bravata– Sales Administrator

Sophia joined the Novoferm family five months ago, and in that time, she has learned much about the role and industry and become a much-valued member of the sales team. 

When asked what got Sophia interested in her current field of work, she responded by saying, “I enjoy providing good customer care and resolving queries for others. Knowing I have made a positive impact on someone’s day, no matter how big or small, makes me happy!”. 

As to what the best career decision she’s ever made was, Sophia went on to say, “Although I am still young, I am happy I decided to put myself out of my comfort zone and work within customer services as I feel it can be both challenging and rewarding.” 

Since joining Novoferm, Sophia has settled quickly into the role, adding to the foundations laid by our solid, hardworking, and reliable team. 

In fact, Sophia went on to say how friendly everyone is and how willing they are to go out of their way to help. She cited this as to why she enjoys working for Novoferm so much.  

We asked Sophia what the best thing she’s learned in her current position was, to which she replied, “The ability to work well under pressure. I understand customer requests are urgent and will always try my hardest to liaise with relevant departments to resolve a problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.” 

Lastly, when queried as to why someone should choose to work for Novoferm, Sophia responded by saying, “To gain experience working in a fast-paced, customer-focused environment whilst learning along the way.”