Alan Fraser – Regional Sales Manager

Alan’s journey with Novoferm began on the 1st of September. Following a formal interview with members of the senior team, Alan was offered the position on the same day.  

When asked what originally got Alan interested in his current field of work, Alan responded, “I left school at 17, after completing my O Levels (GCSE's) to go into football full time. That didn't work out as well as I had hoped, and I started working on the counter at a local builder’s merchant. I used to chat [with] the various sales reps that appeared from different manufacturers. And I thought I could do that. [I] progressed through the ranks, and I have been out on the road for 30 years.” 

We wanted to find out what most surprised Alan when he started working for Novoferm and what he likes most about his job. Alan remarked that the size of the operation and the comprehensive product offering was what first surprised him. What surprised Alan most was the incredible tempo that members of senior management work at. 

As to why Alan likes working for Novoferm, he stated, “The first two weeks have been a massive learning curve, and very busy. I have enjoyed meeting my new colleagues, who have all been very supportive, which is very encouraging as I live some 350 miles away from Luton. I have really enjoyed getting out and about meeting the Key Accounts for my area.” 

Since joining Novoferm, Alan has learned to listen to the customer as they want to be heard, and most importantly, do what you say you’re going to do. This plays very much into Novoferm’s policy to deliver products when we say we will and of the quality we stipulate. 

We asked Alan what his best career decision was, to which Alan gave the shortest response of the bunch, simply stating, “Joining Novoferm.” When asked why someone should join Novoferm, Alan commented that with more and more positively minded people joining the business, now is the best time to join.