Meet Our National House Builder Customer Coordinator- Cara Scott

Cara was recruited by Novoferm in December 2021 as part of the government’s Kickstart Scheme. She started with the company as a member of the National House Builders Team, as a data entry clerk. In her initial interview, the business gave off an impression of friendlessness and unity, and it was demonstrated to her that the company was fronted on strong, positive, and amiable leadership. These attributes played a vital role in Cara choosing to accept the offer to join the company.

Since joining Novoferm, these initial impressions have been well-founded, alongside other important characteristics, including togetherness and trust. Cara has found that the company encourages a healthy and diverse working environment, which not only inspires a positive corporate culture but also motivates all employees to achieve success. When Cara first joined the firm, she was introduced to members of each team, which helped her to gain an understanding of our overall production process.

In her first few months at the company, Cara received one-to-one training along with encouragement from her new colleagues. She has witnessed and experienced both personal growth and the growth of the company and is excited to see where her career will lead. Cara will soon be taking on a role within the customer service and sales department, which promises to offer new opportunities. She hopes to gain further knowledge and skills that will help her perform for the company in the future.