Paul Murphy – National Sales Manager

Paul joined the team at Novoferm Europe many years ago when we were based in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Motivated by the direction taken by the company, Paul has always been impressed by the ambition of Novoferm to grow and improve, whereas similar companies in the industry have stagnated. Such a driven individual is the perfect fit for our talented team. 

During his time at Henderson Garage Doors in the early 1990s, Paul underwent valuable training that prepared him for life in the industry. Paul believes his choice to join the company in that stage of his career to be the best careers decision he’s ever made as it “gave a great understanding on what a customer wants and how to develop your skills.” 

Responsible for the external sales of Novoferm UK, Paul is grateful for the “great team” behind him, each member of which helps to make daily work smooth and straightforward. Never one to sit still, Paul also gets involved in the commercial aspects of the business, demonstrating his versatility. “The business is moving very fast with all of its new projects, and that is the way I like to work”, he told us. 

A people person by nature, Paul was keen to get into sales as he “always liked meeting new people and creating a good working relationship with them.” Working with everyone from group procurement directors for sales to customers that need specific products to be manufactured, his work is undoubtedly challenging yet consistently rewarding. 

When speaking about what he’s learned during his time at Novoferm, Paul pointed to the importance of treating each member of the business in different ways depending on their needs. “You need to listen to their views and approach each decision differently, at times it’s best to listen and not talk.” Having a committed team around him, that is dedicated to business growth, has made things far more enjoyable. 

We asked Paul why he thinks now is a great time to join Novoferm UK, and he had this to say: “We have a new structure and values within the business” as well as “some great opportunities for people to demonstrate their skills.”