Inspiring the Future- Apprenticeships At Novoferm

Novoferm is always looking for ways in which the business can provide more opportunities for enthusiastic young workers. This is why we chose to join forces with the Kickstart Scheme.  The scheme provides funding to employers so that they can create jobs for 16- to 24-year-olds.  

The team at Novoferm believe that the Kickstart Scheme is an excellent way to bring young people into the business, providing them with an opportunity they otherwise might not have had. Our intention is to retain those who take part in the scheme and we can proudly say that two previous apprentices have taken on permanent positions at our Luton office. 

Not only does the Kickstart Scheme allow for young people interested in the garage door industry and manufacturing to gain vital experience and earn a living but it also provides an incredible foundation for a successful career. Novoferm is always striving to create significant opportunities for young workers and the Kickstart Scheme is a brilliant way to achieve this. 

Natanian Chrupek- IT Apprentice

Natanian Chrupek recently joined us at Novoferm as an IT apprentice. Since joining us, Natanian has grown as a person and within the apprenticeship, proving to be a reliable member of the IT team. He has been learning how to manage projects and support the Novoferm staff throughout his apprenticeship. He has also gained a lot of confidence interacting with users, explaining how everything works and assisting them with any issues. 

Natanian had been looking for a great IT apprenticeship and originally heard about this one through his mother, who has a contract with us at Novoferm. It was the ideal apprenticeship for him because not only was it the area he wished to focus on, but he was also familiar with the facility, and it was located close to him. Natanian viewed our apprenticeship as “a good opportunity to get myself out there” and learn on the job. 

When he first started the apprenticeship with us at Novoferm, he was most surprised by “how much interaction I’ve been given so early in the business” but believes that has been a great way to get to know everyone on the team and build relationships. He has enjoyed his journey so far and likes that “there is always something to do, whether it’s to fix something or install/setup a device – I never get bored”. 

Natanian believes that Novoferm’s apprenticeship scheme is a great way to ease yourself into the business and industry as “everyone’s kind, friendly, and helpful, you get to learn a lot and get assistance when needed”.  

Once he has finished his apprenticeship with us, Natanian is hoping to either continue working with us at Novoferm or establishing his own IT business in the future. We look forward to catching up with Natanian at the end of his apprenticeship and seeing what is next for him in his career.