Inspiring the Future- Apprenticeships At Novoferm

Novoferm is always looking for ways in which the business can provide more opportunities for enthusiastic young workers. This is why we chose to join forces with the Kickstart Scheme.  The scheme provides funding to employers so that they can create jobs for 16- to 24-year-olds.  

The team at Novoferm believe that the Kickstart Scheme is an excellent way to bring young people into the business, providing them with an opportunity they otherwise might not have had. Our intention is to retain those who take part in the scheme and we can proudly say that two previous apprentices have taken on permanent positions at our Luton office. 

Not only does the Kickstart Scheme allow for young people interested in the garage door industry and manufacturing to gain vital experience and earn a living but it also provides an incredible foundation for a successful career. Novoferm is always striving to create significant opportunities for young workers and the Kickstart Scheme is a brilliant way to achieve this. 

Natalie Hills – Business Admin Apprenticeship

Natalie Hills joined us at Novoferm as part of the Business Admin Apprenticeship Scheme and has since completed the apprenticeship with flying colours. Natalie has stayed with us as a Transport Administrator and is a very valuable member of the team.

Natalie originally took an interest in the apprenticeship scheme because she wanted to earn while she learned. She sometimes struggled juggling education and a part-time job, and an apprenticeship was the best of both worlds – she could work full-time and gain a qualification while doing so. When she first started with us, Natalie knew nothing about the systems we use, but over time she quickly picked up pieces of it and can now use it confidently and help others with it too.

Natalie says she has “learned so much about my role and the business – it’s a continuous learning journey”.

Throughout her apprenticeship with us, Natalie has learned the inner workings of Novoferm and all the different components of a business. She said she “enjoyed looking at each different part and applying it to Novoferm to see how it affected my own role and the business as a whole”.

Knowing nothing of the apprenticeship going into it and how it would work, Natalie said she was most surprised by how comfortable she was made to feel within the team and that “I wasn’t expected to know anything, and everything was fully explained to me from both the learning and working side of the apprenticeship”.

Natalie has since become a highly valued member of the transport admin team, and she credits this to the fantastic learning experience from the apprenticeship. When asked why someone should join the Novoferm Apprenticeship Scheme, Natalie states “it’s a great way to step into working life, there’s so much support and guidance around you”.

And, on what Natalie enjoys about working with Novoferm, she told us “The best thing about working for Novoferm is the environment. It’s like having a second family. Everyone is so helpful and happy to chat, you always have someone to talk to and never feel alone”.